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The Turner Model 401
omnidirectional dynamic mic

The Turner Dynamic 401


The Turner Dynamic 401

Turner 400 series microphones are high quality broadcast type microphones featur­ing adjustable impedance and response. Wide response pressure-operated moving coil dynamic, essentially non-directional. Recommended for motion picture studio, television, radio broadcast and high-fidelity recording applications. Positive grip cam lock allows instant insertion or removal of microphone without disconnecting.

The Turner Dynamic 401


  • Frequency Response: 40 cps to 20,000 cps

  • Output Level: −60 dB at high impedance

  • Color: Slate blue, non-reflecting finish

  • Length: 10½ inches

  • Weight: 9½ ounces

  • List Price when introduced: $125

  • Impedance Adjustment: Screwdriver, 150 ohms or HI-Z (see next image)

Impedance selector

The Turner Dynamic 401
Microphone courtesy of Jeff Rudisill

401 spec sheet
Download the specification sheet for the 400 series


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