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The AKG Model D 2000 E
supercardioid dynamic microphone

The AKG D 2000 E

The AKG D 2000 E

Specially designed to meet the requirements of pop and rock vocalists, the D 2000 E combines durability, attractive styling and unexcelled acoustical performance. The sound of the D 2000 E is characteristically clear and smooth, the hallmark of all AKG microphones.

The supercardioid pattern reduces feedback even more than standard cardioids. The uniformity of the directional pattern, outstanding among vocalist microphones, prevents coloration of sound arriving off axis and contributes to the microphone's overall freedom from feedback problems. A gradual, and slight, mid-frequency rise produces presence, clarity, and punch without annoying sibilance or raspiness so often found in vocalist microphones.

The B-M-Off switch allows the performer to shape and control the warmth of the sound, reduce proximity effect when the microphone is close-talked, reduce feedback, or increase intelligibility in over-reverberant halls and auditoriums.

Popping is prevented by a carefully designed spherical wire-mesh wind screen, while handling noise is eliminated by thorough shock mounting of the transducer inside the rugged die-cast housing. Close working and high sound pressure levels are no problem either: the D 2000 E will reproduce sound pressure levels greater than 128 dB without any audible distortion. The distinctive AKG nickel-plated finish far outlasts the paint finish used on most other competitive products. Complete with SA-12/1 stand adapter and foam-lined vinyl case.

Quoted from an AKG marketing sheet.

The AKG D 2000 E Marketing sheet art

Download the marketing sheet for this mic.

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