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The Shure Model SM33
unidirectional ribbon microphone

Shure Model SM33

The Model SM33 is a compact and rugged uni-direction­al ribbon mic combining wide-range response and a super-cardioid directional pattern. This polar pattern is somewhat more directional than a conventional cardi­oid, with excellent control of unwanted surround­ing noise and reverberation. The performance characteris­tics are ideal for studio use in broadcasting and record­ing, and for critical sound reinforcement applications.

Microphone Features

  • Unusually effective super-cardioid pickup characteristic
    minimizes effects of studio acoustics and background

  • Warm, smooth sound from wide frequency response
    range. Well suited to both voice and music.

  • Low frequency response characteristic adjustable
    by means of a Response Selector Switch.

  • Built-in shock mount for quiet operation.

  • Rugged mechanical design and internal ribbon
    protection assure reliable operation under severe
    conditions of use.
Shure Model SM33

Microphone courtesy of Jeff Rudisill


  • Type: Ribbon.

  • Frequency response: 40 to 15,000 Hz. Low Frequency
    Response Selector. See Figure 2.

  • Polar Pattern: Super-cardioid (Unidirectional)
    Response. See Figure 3.

  • Impedance: Dual. Microphone rating impedance is 38
    ohms (50 ohms actual) or 150 ohms (280 ohms actual)
    for connection to microphone inputs rated at 19 to 75
    ohms or 75 to 300 ohms. Wired for 150 ohms as

  • Case: Die cast zinc.

  • Finish: Textured light and dark gray enamel.

  • Swivel: Self adjusting lifetime swivel permits tilting
    the head 45° forward and 70° backward.

  • Shock Mount: Special live rubber vibration-isolation

  • Stand Thread: ⅝"-27 thread.

  • Net Weight: 1 pound, 10 ounces (736 grams).

  • Introduced: 1965

  • Discontinued: 1982
SM33 frequency response SM33 polar pattern Shure Model SM33 Shure Model SM33 Authentication Johnny Carson's SM33 Johnny Carson's SM33

Images courtesy of Heritage Galleries, presented here with permission.

1977 SM33 advertisement

From the 1977 Shure Professional Products booklet.

1965 Shure SM33 data sheet

Download the 1965 Data Sheet for this mic.

1979 Shure SM33 data sheet

Download the 1979 Data Sheet for this mic.


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