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The Shure Model 535 Slendyne
omni-directional dynamic mic

The Shure 535

The Shure Model 535 Slendyne Microphone is a slender moving-coil microphone, built to provide wide-range re­production of music and voice, and features an omni-directional pickup pattern. The microphone has com­plete versatility and reliability for outdoor and indoor use and may be used in the following manner:

  1. Mounted in swivel adapter on a conventional floor or desk stand.

  2. Quick-disengage feature permits the microphone to be removed from the swivel adapter for use as a hand mic during audience participation, interviews, etc.

  3. The Shure Model A28L adjustable lavalier cord is an available accessory. It permits the microphone to be worn around the neck by lecturers, announcers, demon­strators, and all similar applications where freedom of both hands is necessary. The lavalier cord clips easily to the microphone, can be readily fastened around the wearer’s neck, and quickly removed.

  4. Readily accessible impedance switch permits quick change from the high-impedance setting common in pub­lic address work, to the low-impedance setting for use with long lines, broadcast equipment, etc.

  5. The accessory switch adapter furnished with this unit will serve in applications where an ON-OFF switch is necessary at the microphone.

The smooth frequency response and faithful reproduc­tion are largely due to a newly designed diaphragm attached to a sensitive coil suspended in a magnetic structure. The use of high-efficiency magnetic materials and specially designed magnetic circuits has made it possible to develop this small microphone and still achieve maximum operating efficiency.

Text is from the Shure Model 535 Slendyne Data Sheet No. 27A102 (11-59), Copyright © 1954.

Impedance variations

Figure A: Vacuum tube input impedance variations


Figure B: Dimensions


Figure C: Mounting options

Frequency curve

Figure D: Frequency response


Shure Model 535 specifications

Slendyne Slendyne Slendyne Specifications Shure 535 Data Sheet

Download the Data Sheet for this mic.

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