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The Neumann Model M 149
multi-directional condenser microphone (1995)

new m149

Hear the sound of the Neumann M 149 microphone.

This video presents a 16-minute performance of a vocalist using an M 149.


The Neumann M 149 Tube is a large-diaphragm conden­ser micro­phone with switchable polar patterns. It is the first new “Tube” microphone design from Neumann in over 30 years, and also the world’s first trans­formerless tube micro­phone. The head grille is instantly recog­niz­able to vintage Neumann aficionados as that of the clas­sic M 49/M 50. The capsule (K 49), also from the M 49 is a select version of the K 47 capsule from the famed U 47. The cir­cuitry of the M 149 Tube includes a tube amplifier coupled with Neumann’s FET 100 trans­formerless cir­cuitry used in Neumann’s award-winning TLM 50 mic. This is Neumann’s top of the line “flagship” model.

M 149 data Danny performs

Danny Munro performs with an M 149 during 2008 at Rudisill Recording.

M 149 in its case The M 149 at the factory

A Neumann factory employee with an M 149.

M 149 data sheet

Download the marketing brochure for this mic. (596 kilobytes)

If you are obsessed with microphones as much as I, and want the entire story on this one, you can download it here. But be forewarned: it is 86 megabytes in size. It carries the same cover as the one above, but con­tains 21 pages. If you want it, give it a go. You can always cancel the download if you have a technical problem.

Download the technical specifications for this mic. (86 megabytes)


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