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The Altec 670A

multi-directional ribbon microphone

Altec 670A

The 670 Microphone is a multi-purpose microphone of broad­cast quality having a frequency range that covers the complete audio spectrum. It consists of a ribbon element and a control­lable acoustic labyrinth.

Altec 670A

The microphone has three directivity patterns as shown:

  •  P pressure (omni-directional)

  •  C cardioid

  •  R ribbon (bi-directional)

These basic patterns may be modified by placing the selector on the back surface of the microphone in intermediate posi­tions. Such placement will result in a compromise between the adjoining patterns.

Polar pattern selector switch

Polar patterns

The impedance selecting switch is beneath the name plate on the front of the microphone. Position 1: 30 to 50 ohms. Position 2: 150 to 250 ohms.

Quoted from the Altec Lansing Corporation Operating Instructions, Part No. 12182

Impedance selector switch

November, 2006 update: I have managed to track down a 670A and a 670B, and record them simultaneously, although under rather adverse conditions. Apologies for the ambience. It was this or nothing. References to channels 1 and 2 repre­sent left and right channels of this stereo recording. The 670A is on the left, while the 670B is on the right.

According to Mr. Bill Hayes at MicroMike Laboratories in Anaheim, California, there is a Model 670B that employs a slightly thicker, stiffer ribbon, which modestly improves the frequency response over the A series. Our thanks to Mr. Al Pushkin for contacting Mr. Hayes and tracking down this information.

Altec 670 Operating Instructions
Download the Operating Instructions for the 670.


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