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The AKG Model D24
dynamic cardioid microphone

AKG Model D24

Description and Applications
The AKG D 24 is a professional dynamic cardioid microphone for broadcast, motion picture, theaters and for professional portable tape recorders. It is light weight, slender, and handy, and provides excellent rejection of unwanted sound by uniform directivity at all frequencies. Continuous bass attenuation from 0 to minus 10 dB at 50 CPS is available for close-mike technique.

AKG Model D24

Download this specification sheet if you would like to have your own copy.

Technical data

  • Frequency Range: 30 to 20,000 cps

  • Sensitivity for 60 ohms impedance: 0.1 mv/µbar (–80 dbv);
    for 200 ohms impedance: 0.18 mv/µbar (–75 dbv)

  • Impedance: 60 or 200 ohms ±15%

Descriptive text is from the AKG D 24 Dynamic Studio
Microphone specification sheet, seen above.

The AKG D 24 in its case

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