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The RCA Type 88-A
pressure microphone (1938)

RCA Type 88A black, umber gray

Microphone photos courtesy of Dennis Schrank

The Type 88-A Microphone is of the pressure-actuated type. The moving system consists of a thin molded dia­phragm to which an annular coil assembly is attached. Coupled to the diaphragm is an acoustic circuit so proportioned that the diaphragm velocity will remain essentially constant for a constant sound pressure over the frequency range of 60–10,000 cycles. The coil is placed in the air gap of a magnetic structure and the ends connected to a transformer which provides output impedances of 50 or 250 ohms.

This microphone is styled and finished in either black and chrome, or umber gray and satin chrome to present a pleasing appearance. A ball and socket joint with a thumbscrew clamp permits operation in either a vertical or horizontal position.

RCA Type 88A umber gray

The Type 88-A is the ideal microphone for general re­mote pickup use. It has been specially designed to pro­vide small size, light weight, good frequency response and relative freedom from the effects of wind and mois­ture. In spite of its light weight and small size, it is ex­tremely rugged and well-suited to stand the hard usage to which a remote mic is put. The charac­teristics of the 88-A also make it adaptable for many types of audio use where a non-directional mic is desired.


  • Good frequency response

  • Light weight

  • Small size

  • Rugged construction

  • Low cost

  • Minimum effects from wind and moisture

  • High output providing unusually
    good signal-to-noise ratio

  • Adaptable for use with any stand or may be carried
    in the hand for street interview programs

  • Output cord protected by spring
Polar response Frequency response

Reproduced from p. 15 of an RCA catalog, date unknown.

88-A wiring options Mickey Mantle, Bob Hope

That’s Bob Hope on the right, using an RCA Type 88-A.

RCA Type 88A black RCA Type 88A black, umber gray 88-A data sheet thumbnail

Download the specifications for this mic.

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