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The Electro-Voice Model 654A
omnidirectional dynamic microphone

Electro-Voice 654A

Description and Applications
The Electro-Voice 654A is a dynamic, omnidirectional type microphone designed for professional use, FM, AM, and TV broadcasting, studio remote, PA, and recording. Its slim design is made possible without the necessity for closely associated auxiliary equipment. Wide frequency response, broad pickup range, and light weight make it ideal for TV staging and for pass-around use in audience participation. Used with the convenient accessory neck cord, the 654A is ideal for lavalier use. This microphone can be worked from any direction with only negligible frequency discrimination.

The Model 654A is supplied with lavalier neck cord and the Model 300 stand adapter; thus, it can be used with equal convenience in the hand, on a stand, or as a lavalier.

This microphone features the exclusive non-metallic Electro-Voice Acoustalloy® diaphragm, which permits smooth response over a wide frequency range and withstands high humidity, temperature extremes, corrosive effects of salt air, and severe mechanical shocks. It is practically indestructible with normal use.

The case of the Model 654A is extruded aluminum, reinforced at the connector end by a steel insert. This rugged construction makes pos­si­ble dependable operation under all conceivable operating conditions. The microphone is finished in nonreflecting gray.


  • Versatile use in hand, on stand, or as lavalier

  • Rugged for use under any operating conditions

  • Professional Quality smooth response from 50 to 15,000 cps


  • Type: Dynamic

  • Frequency Response: Uniform from 50 to 15,000 cps. See Figure 2

  • Impedance: Matches all low impedances, 50 through 250 ohms.
    Line balanced to ground and phased

  • Output Level: 57 dB; EIA sensitivity rating, 151 dB.
    0 dB = 1 mw/10 dynes/cm²

  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional, becoming slightly directional
    with increase in frequency. See Figure 3

  • Diaphragm: Electro-Voice Acoustalloy® protected by magnetic shield

  • Magnetic Circuit: Employs Alnico V magnet in a nonwelded circuit

  • Case Material: Extruded Aluminum

  • Finish: Nonreflecting gray

  • Net Weight: 7 ounces, less cable

  • Cable: 18-foot, three-conductor shielded, synthetic
    rubber jacketed, broadcast type

  • Standard Accessories: Model 300 stand clamp
    (Adapts to ½" or 58"-27 pipe thread), lavalier neck cord

E-V 654A wiring diagram E-V 654A frequency response E-V 654A polar response E-V 654A dimensions

Text and illustrations are from the Electro-Voice
Engineering Data
sheet, Part No. 530946

654a engineering data sheet

Download the data sheet for this mic.

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