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The Electro-Voice Model RE16
dynamic supercardioid microphone

The Electro-Voice RE16

The Electro-Voice Model RE16 is a Variable-D dynamic supercardioid mic­rophone designed for the most exacting professional use. It is like the RE15, except that it uses a unique blast filter. The blast filter, an integral part of the RE16, permits hand-held and outdoor use without P-popping or excessive wind noise.

Utilizing the Variable-D design, the RE16 features a directional character­istic independent of frequency. The result is a microphone that generates little off-axis coloration while providing the greatest rejection of unwanted sounds. A super-cardioid, the RE16 provides its greatest rejection at 150 degrees off axis. Typical cardioids provide greatest rejection in the horizontal plane when the microphone is tilted in its most natural position, -30 degrees from horizontal as on a boom or floor stand.

The Electro-Voice RE16

An easily operated bass-tilt switch corrects spectrum balance for boom use and other longer reach situations. A hum-buck coil and screw-machined steel outer casing provide 25 dB of hum rejection. Hum pickup level is -125 dBm (re: .001 gauss field).

Using the mechanical nesting concept of design, by means of which the in­ternal transducer parts are nested one within another, the RE16 transducer is a nearly solid mechanical structure that is highly resistant to damage from mechanical shock. The Memraflex grille screen resists deformation. The exclusive non-metallic Electro-Voice Acoustalloy diaphragm is unaf­fected by extremes of atmospheric conditions. A carefully designed steel outer case provides additional mechanical protection. Finish is non-reflecting fawn beige Micomatte.

The E-V RE16 stand adapter and soft case


  • Variable-D® dynamic podium or hand-held microphone.

  • Tight, supercardioid pattern is uniform over a wide frequency
    range for consistent sound quality at all pickup angles.

  • Variable-D® design virtually eliminates the up-close bass boost
    (proximity effect) that can make vocals sound “muddy.”

  • Excellent for podium use where high intelligibility is important.
RE16 specifications Comparison

Here is a visual comparison of the DS35 and the RE16.
Frequency responses are 60-17,000 Hz and 80-15,000 Hz respectively.
Differences include the RE16’s ports and roll-off switch.

E-V Model 345 shock mount

An Electro-Voice Model RE16 installed upon
an Electro-Voice Model 345 shock mount.

Electro-Voice Model RE16 Shock mount spec sheet

Download the specification sheet for the 345-346 Shock Mount.

Old spec sheet

Download the older specification sheet for the RE16.

New spec sheet

Download the newer specification sheet for the RE16.

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